How to install Virtualmin


    Login as Root

    First you will need to use SSH to login as root inside your QHoster VPS or Dedicated server.

    Downloading the Install Script

    Virtualmin provides an install script which allows for an easy installation. Use the following command to download the script to your root directory.

    wget -O /root/

    You should expect to see something like this when it's finished:

    2013-10-23 07:04:52 (632 KB/s) - `/root/' saved [45392/45392]

    Running the Virtualmin Install Script

    Now it's time to run the script we just downloaded.

    sh /root/

    The command will start the Virtualmin installation wizard. It will start with a short disclaimer, after accepting it the installation will begin automatically.

    Accessing Virtualmin after installation

    When the install script has finished installing, you can reach Virtualmin with the following URL: 

    There you can login with your root username and password. Once you are logged in Virtualmin you can start the "Post-Installation Wizard". This will begin to configure your Virtualmin installation. 

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