Connecting to Your VPS - SSH Key Authentication


    Our Openstack platform uses Cloud based images and for added security we have SSH key based authentication for all Linux VPS Instances.

    To connect to your VPS you will need to download your private key from your client area and use that to make the SSH connection.

    1. Download your SSH Private Key from your client area but selecting the service which in this case it is your VPS Hosting service and this will open the VPS management interface.


          .2. Next you will click on the 'Download Private Key' which will download a file such as 2009_privatekey.pem


         3. Once you download this and if you are using a Linux machine to connect you can simply us a terminal session however first you will need to change the security permissions of the .pem file.

    You do this by  

    chmod 400 2009Privatekey.pem

    This changes the permission of the private key so you can use it to connect to your VPS.

    If you are using Putty on a Windows Machine you will nee to convert the .pem file to a .ppk file which is the file that Putty will recognize. There are many guides on the Internet on converting .pem file to .ppk

    Once you have compelteed this you complete the following via a terminal session ( if using Linux local Machine )

    ssh username@ -i 2009PrivateKey.pem

    You will need to substitute 'username' for the username of what ever OS you have installed.






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