Setup Guide Debian 8 Wordpress


    This guide is for those customers that have installed our Debian 8 Wordpress image.

    Upon provisioning your Cloud Instance will be up and running and you can login using your private key you downloaded from your client area,

    You can login to your Instance

    ssh debain@yourpublicip  -i yourprivatekey

    Once logged in you will have access to your Instance.

    You can browse to your public IP 

    This will take you to the Wordpress setup screen where you will provide login information for your wordpress site.

    PhpMyAdmin Access is available via port 8443 and you will need to create a root password for MYSQL

    Enter the following:


    As there will be no password set you will need to create a strong password for the root user. For security you can select all default options for the proceeding selections.


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