Connecting to your Pentesting Server


    All our pentesting Instances have the SSH service enabled so customers can access their instance via SSH or via the pre-installed NoMachine Remote Desktop Application.

    To connect via SSH:-

    Windows users can download putty which is a free software to connect to linux instances.

    Once installed you simply enter the public IP of your VM and use the username that is contained in the welcome email and password.

    The SSH port is 22.

    Connecting via NoMachine:-

    Instructions are contained in your welcome email however you will need to downlaod the client software before you can connect using NoMachine Remote Desktop.

    Once downloaded you can use the public IP, username and password contained in your welcome email. All defaults can stay the same and port 4000 should be used.

    Once connected you will need to changed the quality setting to maximum and resolution to suit your screen. These settings can be found under the connection settings in your NoMachine client.



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