How to Improve NoMachine Performance with Kali Linux


    As many customers are aware we have pre-installed the NoMachine Remote Desktop software in all our Cloud Pentesting Instances for Remote Desktop access.

    We have optimized performance with settings that already come configured so you do not need to change any settings in the NoMachine server software that is installed in your VPS.

    Like all Remote Desktop applications there will always be some latency however if you stick to the settings we describe here you will notice that there is almost ZERO latency when using your Remote Desktop application with our Pentesting Instances.

    We have tested and with standard ADSL you can expect a delay of just 0.2 seconds which is not even noticeable. However reaching this customers are advised to change the settings in their NoMachine CLIENT software. Customers can leave all the default settings when installing the client software but the only setting your should change is the resolution and quality setting which can be found in the connection settings. Set the resolution to your preference BUT change the quality to its maximum. Obviously not having any downloads running on your local machine will help as you want to give as much bandwidth to NoMachine as possible.

    With these simple settings you will enjoy worry free Remote Desktop with almost zero latency.

    A screenshot is below of the quality settings and resolution. Do not increase the resolution too high as this will impact performance. We recommend 1280x720


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