Connecting To Your Pentesting VPS with NoMachine


    Step 1: Start your first connection

    Make sure you are sitting at the computer you want to connect from and open NoMachine from the Programs/Applications menu. Click 'Continue' to go past the Welcome panel in Fig. 1. The next panel will present you with a choice (Fig. 2 - Recent Connections)

    For a guided approach select 'Click here to create a connection' or if you have already used NoMachine in the past, any available computers on your network, or connections you created will appear here. All NoMachine-enabled computers on the same network are advertised here. You can filter them by inserting the IP address or user name in the space available.

    No computers were found on the network. Select 'New' or 'Click here.....'

    Select the Connection Wizard to be guided through creating a new connection

    To use the wizard you will need to insert the IP address you wrote down earlier in Host

    Step 2: Log in to the remote computer

    You will be prompted to log in using the credentials for your account on the remote computer. Use your usual account credentials.

    Click OK and wait a few more seconds while NoMachine connects you to your remote desktop.

    Step 3: You are connected!

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