Copying Files Between Local Computer and VPS


    Photos, music & documents are quickly shared between local and remote computers, including from attached USB devices. You can transfer files easily and securely between the local and remote desktop through firewalls, and we don't place any limitations on the size of files you want to transfer. Read on to find out how to send and grab files...

    To send files both ways, you will need NoMachine installed as illustrated here.

    Downloading a file from the remote computer

    Step 1: Connect to the remote computer

    Start a connection from your computer to the remote computer you want to access and click on the !M icon to bring up the menu. This is called the Monitor.

    Step 2: Choose the file you want to transfer

    Click on 'Download a file from the server' to transfer a file from the machine to which you are connected to your PC or Mac

    The explorer will pop up to allow you to navigate the folders to select the file you want to transfer

    Step 3: Choose the destination folder

    Next a second dialog will pop up to let you choose the destination folder on your PC or Mac where you want to save the file which you are about to transfer

    Step 4: File transfer complete

    You're done! You will now be able to access the newly transferred file on your local computer by selecting 'Show the transfer status' from the Monitor

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