Late Payments


    If you are in financial difficulties and cannot pay your invoice on time you can request a payment extension. These extensions are looked at on a case-by-case basis and preference is given to long term and loyal customers. We understand that sometime payments may be difficult to pay on time so we will always work with our customers to come to a mutual resolution. We suggest you request an extension especially if you have a virtual private server as any extended overdue invoice will see your VPS terminated - an extension will prevent this.

    Any late payment may incur a 10% late payment fee for all overdue invoices.

    It is usual practice that we wait at least 4 days before we terminate however we suspend services when invoices are in overdue status.

    Customers are advised to contact our support team should you wish to apply for a payment extension. Extensions will be granted based on the length of time you have been a customer of OneHost Cloud and at our sole discretion. Any overdue invoices, customers will receive daily reminders followed by a final 'Pending Termination' email where you are warned that within 24 hours your service is going to be terminated and all data deleted from our servers - once this occurs your data is irrecoverable and we also purge our backups for your privacy and security.

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