Credit Cards and Anti-Fraud


    We have strict anti-fraud measures to ensure that only legitimate orders are placed and to minimize loss. We review every order both before provisioning and after and there will be times when services will be delayed while we validate your credit card payment. However for the majority of customers our anti-fraud checks will approve orders for legitimate customers. If you are paying via credit card and your payment is begin declined it may be because you are using a VPN or Tor which our fraud systems flag these transactions as suspicious. To overcome this you can turn off these while you process your transaction and turn them back on once complete.

    If your transaction is flagged for further review you will receive an email stating such and you will be required to email us a copy of the credit card used but only displaying the last 4 digits as you can block out the other numbers. If we do not receive proof your services will be terminated and we will refund and mark the transaction as fraudulent via our credit card processor.

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